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LSLH Low smoke low halogen. LSRS or LSR Load sharing system. LV Low voltage, 51 to 599 volts. L1, L2, L3, N Notation for line and neutral voltages and currents. LUX Level of illumination. M m Length or dimension in metres, or month. mA Current in milli-amperes. man or (M) Manual operation. mbar Milli-bar. MB High-pressure mercury, withoutGet price

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D06 - Sulfr hexafluoride-gas analysis (moisture / decomposition products / gas percentage) D07 - Tightness measurement (gas or oil) D08 - Terminal load measurement (bending) D09 - High voltage test on site D10 - Partial Discharge measurement D11 - Insulation resistance measurement D12 - Measurement of the quantity of repumping cyclesGet price

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The delivery included six mobile substations SDN 6/0.5/0.4kV – G.52/1, G.71, G.602, G.53/1, G.74/1 and G.801. provided with medium voltage switchgear type D-12PT and low voltage switchgear typeGet price